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Links of Courage is a grief support organization, founded by Brandon Callor, in an effort to reach out and help individuals and families that have been affected by the suicide death of a loved one. 
Suicide is a leading cause of death among youth, and it is completely preventable. Brandon Callor has spent his career as a medical examiner assistant and researcher, studying the causes and effects of suicides and has realized that it is time to take his research to the individuals and families that are being affected by it. With a business model that includes speaking events, one on one coaching, books and after school programs for youth, Links of Courage is on a mission not only to help people through the grieving process of losing a loved one to suicide, but to make an impact big enough to eliminate it completely. Brandon Callor is not a stranger to the effects of suicide in his own family and among his own friends. He possesses the ability to relate and connect with people intimately at a time when they need it the most. 

Links of Courage is aware of the social stigmas that exist around talking about suicide and seeks to break the silence and bring awareness to its causes and healing to the people affected by it. 

For youth who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, Links of Courage provides after school programs that allow youth to make real connections and explore their own creativity and worth. For mothers dealing with the suicide death of a child, Links of Courage provides the emotional support and guidance they need to get through this difficult time. Links of Courage is breaking the silence when it comes to talking about suicide. It is time to talk about it, heal from it and end it. 

"It is argued that a meaning-focused coping strategy is positive. This technique requires a person to find meaning from tragedy, the so called "silver lining." How do you apply this concept when the tragedy you've experienced is the loss of a loved-one to death? You find something meaningful to focus on then do something about it. You might carry out a dying wish or volunteer at a favorite charity. By combining your focus with social coping strategies such as support groups and chairty work you lose yourself. The benefit of losing yourself in the service of others is that you get your life back. You forget your pain and suffering if even for a moment while helping to ease the pain and suffering of those you serve."
                                                                                     - Brandon Callor, Life After Suicide